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Measuring power consumption for applications like bitcoin mining.

Does anyone have a good process or device (e.g. a plug interface with a USB connection to a Linux box) for measuring power consumption? Is there anyone do to it on a process basis?
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Rick's microverse works like Bitcoin mining...THAT JUST SOUNDS LIKE SLAVERY WITH EXTRA STEPS!

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Rick's microverse works like bitcoin mining... THAT JUST SOUNDS LIKE SLAVERY WITH EXTRA STEPS!!

Rick's microverse works like bitcoin mining... THAT JUST SOUNDS LIKE SLAVERY WITH EXTRA STEPS!! submitted by simsil to rickandmorty [link] [comments]

Whats to stop Ether mining ending up like Bitcoin mining?

Genuine newbie question, if I may? Is there anything in the design of Ether that would prevent Ether mining being controlled in the future by massive Chinese mining pools, as what has happened with Bitcoin?
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Why don't musicians just leave their album playing silently on Spotify on repeat, like Bitcoin mining, generating constant revenue?

You could set up a load of virtual machines all with Spotify free and keep your album on repeat generating revenue...
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Harnessing Centralization: Will Ethereum Nodes Centralize like Bitcoin Mining Nodes Did?

Okay, so I'm trying to think this through...
Ethereum nodes aren't just validating hashes against payloads - they're also running code and storing the state changes. And a node needs to do that in order to 'catch up' to the front of the chain, doesn't it? Because if it hasn't independently verified the outcomes of the prior transactions, then it can't very well attest to knowing the current 'true state' of the network, can it?
But this raises an interesting problem. As the volume of transactions and computation executing on the network expands, there will be a frontier of computing resources which can keep up with that expansion, but many hobbyist nodes may fall silent, because it requires some serious capital investment to maintain a node farm powerful enough to validate Ethereum blocks once the network is much larger.
Sharding may help to delay this trend, but too much sharding may result in excessive overhead for inter-shard transactions, so some shards might still become massive.
But maybe that's okay - as long as the interests of the validators are aligned with the interests of the rest of the users of the network. Validating will centralize in the hands of the Eth holders who are able to stake both Eth to serve as a validator of transactions on the network, but also able to invest enough money in computing, storage, and networking hardware to be able to independently calculate the soon to be enormous Ethereum blockchain, or one of its many private-chain 'shards.'
Presumably there will be people like the largest Bitcoin miners, who instead of running farms of processors which just turn electricity into waste heat, actually run farms of processors which carry the transactions of a more efficient and hopefully fair economy of the future. They will be able to independently verify the entire blockchain by throwing massive compute power at it, and their reward will be in the form of gas payments and staking fees.
And when they mess up or are caught trying to cheat, they risk losing some or all of their stake.
This seems like a great incentive system to encourage Ethereum ValidatoMiners to work together with developers to make sure the network is always validated accurately so that the value of the network and the tokens they use to stake its transactions will appreciate in value.
But there's another issue that bears thinking about if the scenario I'm thinking about above does come to pass and there tends to be centralization in running full validating Ethereum node farms, and that's the likelihood that the network will expand so quickly that even cutting edge hardware which can keep up with the current traffic, can't do that and also calculate the whole chain from the first block.
So future nodes will only have 1st hand knowledge of the state of the blockchain back to their 'born on' block. To validate something prior to that time, you'd have to look at the history of an older node. That history might have been 'copied' into local storage by the newer node, but it wouldn't have actually calculated it - it would have trusted the results of an ancestor node.
So those older nodes will need to have a lot of storage and they will need to have a lot of processing power at the top end to keep filling up that storage. Which is why I think it's okay to have stakefull node validators make a healthy return on their investment of Eth, because they have every economic incentive to keep re-investing those Eth profits into their network validating infrastructure. Since they already know how to do it, and how to scale doing it, it's relatively easy for them to keep repeating that expansion, as their fee and staking returns come in.
If they fail to do that, or they do a poor job of expanding as efficiently as their competitors, then their utility as a node will become less valuable, and so will their staking rewards. Eventually, they'll fall so far behind, they'll probably drop off the network. And that's okay. That's the evolutionary process at work. The more efficient nodes will dominate the network, and the entire network benefits from that outcome. The incentives are well aligned between the infrastructure providers, the software providers, and the end users.
However, there's a very real nightmare scenario that needs to be considered. What if Ethereum node mining centralizes so much that a single economic actor - a country or a person, has complete control over the infrastructure that the entire economy depends on and is able to edit it at will?
I would hope that doesn't turn out to be how things play out, but I'll still probably invest early in the ICO's of organizations which are going to create DAO's focused on building Ethereum node farms and associated staking pools.
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Rick's microverse works like bitcoin mining... THAT JUST SOUNDS LIKE SLAVERY WITH EXTRA STEPS!! /r/Bitcoin

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Guys perk is now like bitcoin mining!!

Go to the perk wallet app and exchange your points for bitcoins!!! No raffles!
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Running PerkTv and other ad runners is kinda like Bitcoin mining for your phone

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HEX is basically a scam, a pyramid scheme

HEX is a cryptocurrency token built on Ethereum that promises infinity rewards for staking. In the official website, it says:
Yes, I agree. It's not a Ponzi scam. It's a Pyramid scam.
In HEX, no one owes you anything. You mint your own HEX rewards yourself when you end your stake. Like how Bitcoin miners mint their own Bitcoin rewards. You are the network.
That's basically minting value out of thin air. Wow, maybe HEX has an angel backing it that loves to give away free money.
There are no middlemen or managers in HEX. HEX rewards are dynamic like Bitcoin mining rewards. No one in the world can promise you how much you might make running HEX, because no one knows how valuable HEX will become. HEX puts you in charge!
The funds in traditional banks can give interest because they use it to provide loans for businesses. Without anything of that sort, how the hell can HEX continue to provide "high interests"?
It's totally a Pyramid Scheme. It works by giving people a false hope that their money is going up in value. But they can't withdraw it as it is locked up.
It can go up and up by making stupid people believe the balance sheet they see in their portfolio is what they will get. It's basically utilizing the greed of people with the lure of more money without actually giving more money.
All the new money or interest is generated from inflation. It works by getting more people to buy it with referral programs. But when enough idiots of brought it, there won't be any more losers to refer to.
Hence, the pyramid will collapse.
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My brother is thinking of buying a new gaming PC. I tried to convince him to get a Freedos version and pirate Windows later on, but he is really hesitant. Can you help him decide?

So, after approximately 10 years my brother decided on buying a new laptop PC for gaming. Because of understandable currency differences, a genuine Windows copy is a bit expensive. When I reminded him of the option to pirate it, he said he wanted to buy it for several reasons:
-In a cracked version, whomever cracked it could have easily modified the system files. Which can make the PC be used for stuff like bitcoin mining in the background without him knowing.
-Since a cracked version can’t get updates, it is more vulnerable to viruses etc.
-Since Win10 is the latest version of Windows, this purchase will get him a really long time support and the money is ‘kinda’ worth it.
Please notice that he has no intentions of supporting Microsoft, he said “They are already fucking rich, they don’t need my support and I don’t care”. So this whole thing is not about ethics or anything. He approaches the situation from a practical standpoint, saying that purchasing the software will get him a good value in terms of security and stability.
Even though I’ve been pirating software and media for the longest time, I couldn’t find a legitimate answer, his reasons sounded solid. This is why I wanted to come here and ask for your opinions. Does his arguments make sense or they are not true at all? What do you think?
TLDR: Brother wants to buy a genuine Win10. Says it’s safer, more secure, and more stable than a cracked version. Has no problems with the idea of pirating. Just thinks a cracked version can ‘corrupt’ the PC in the long run. Is he correct? What do you think?
Edit: After reading him what you have collectively said, he said “if that’s the case, yeah it’d be stupid to pay for it. Might as well buy some more ram or storage with that money”. Thanks everyone!
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Why doesn't India produce its own GPUs ?

So I have been learning about GPUs and how useful it is apart of gaming, like Bitcoin mining ? I am wondering, why don't we have Indian -made GPUs? Seems like a great business opportunity. Is it because of the shortage of resources and manpower ? Can a giant company like Reliance pull this off ?
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ETH mining looks promising

In the past month, ETH price fluctuates a few times from donw below $300 to over $400, and the down to someplace near $320 ,now climbing to $367. Not like bitcoin mining, the revenue of ETH miner (graphic cards like rx570 and GTX1080, or InnosiliconA10 Pro) not always decline as ETH price drops, or it declines not as fast as the coin price. The secret is the transaction fee increase on Ethereum network. Especially when recently the rise of DeFi applications has directly caused network congestion on the underlying public chain Ethereum. The average gas price paid by users has reached a maximum of 480Gwei, and then fell back to 68Gwei. Now climbing up to 146Gwei.
Source: etherscan
It seems ethereum miners benefit the most from the network congestion because of the high transaction fees. And ETH mining looks more promising than bitcoin mining. A simple calculation: let’s say current ETH price is $367, the daily net income of A10 Pro is about $17~$20. The static payback period of this miner is around 200 days. I know it may vary as the price change, or the maintenance cost increase or the electricity cost increase. So probably longer than this. But still 200days sounds attractive. Do you guys think if the chips inside this miner could be sold after it shut down?
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Does monero have any strict disadvantages versus bitcoin like transaction speeds/fees, mining centralization etc that are inherent to the technology?

Obviously it currently has higher transaction speeds due to a lower number of users, but as I understand it monero is bitcoin + a few anonimity modifications to the protocol. Do these modifications increase the computational power required for mining given the same transaction volume compared to bitcoin? In other words, how much are you paying for anonymity?
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What are the best ways an individual can speed up the collapse?

I would love to see a complete economic, social and environmental collapse in my lifetime.
I know a single person doesn't have much impact, but these are the things I see that could help:
Any other ideas you'd like to share or points you'd like to make?
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Owning Bitcoin is like owning equity in a virtual whole-life insurance policy, a bank, data storage provider, gold mining/energy company, networking company, a casino, a credit union, a money market, and a communications company all rolled into one.

Fully backed by the full faith and credit of its users... and the most secure back-office automated accounting system of all time.
Rating: Buy
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"Just have to say that people are really sleeping on #BitcoinCash. It solves so many problems that Bitcoin has failed to solve. It's price only needs to get to like 1K, and miners will start mining it more than Bitcoin."

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There is no split in November. Let's call it like it is, Amaury is choosing to create his own (forked) coin that pays one address 8% of mined funds. In that sense, it is similar to ZClassic, Bitcoin Gold or Bitcoin Candy

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"Just have to say that people are really sleeping on #BitcoinCash. It solves so many problems that Bitcoin has failed to solve. It's price only needs to get to like 1K, and miners will start mining it more than Bitcoin."

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Mining bitcoin in 1995 would be like

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How likely is it that mobile apps are using our devices processing power for their own purposes?

I'm not very knowledgeable when it comes to advanced tech stuff, but I had a thought earlier... things like bitcoin mining requires processing power from a device. Is it possible that when we are playing mobile games, watching ads on those games, the company that is running that game could be taking advantage of the users device in some way (other than data garhering)?
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Pi is a cryptocurrency created by Stanford PhDs to make crypto mining accessible to everyone and also easy to do so. It might be used for buying goods and services in the future, like Bitcoin. use my referral to receive 1 free Pi: minepi.com/NELSONTHAI

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Noob's Guide To Bitcoin Mining - Super Easy & Simple - YouTube What It Was Like MINING Cryptocurrency Full-Time For A ... Best Bitcoin Mining Site  Without Investment  Payment ... Raspberry Pi 4 Bitcoin Mining For 24 Hours! - YouTube Bitcoin Mining Software ~ Free Activation Key 2020 - YouTube

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Noob's Guide To Bitcoin Mining - Super Easy & Simple - YouTube

Like this video? Sign in to make your opinion count. Sign in. 1,094 78. ... How Bitcoin mining actually works - What is the "cryptographic puzzle"? - Duration: 14:13. Some Helpful Links: • Buy Parts for a Mining Rig: http://amzn.to/2jSSsCz • Download NiceHash Miner: https://www.nicehash.com/?p=nhmintro • Choose a Wallet: h... Join Now Here : https://bit.ly/3kXSfIU ***** How to join the daily giveaway Daily Giveaway Rule 1 - Subscribe to this Channel 2 - Like & Share this Video... What is mining? Does it work as a business model? Mining - particularly regarding proof-of-work cryptocurrencies like bitcoin - provides industrial infrastru... Buy Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 4GB: https://amzn.to/2tlBfGW How to Setup a Raspberry Pi 4 Bitcoin Mining Rig w/ Bitmain AntMiner U3: https://youtu.be/dPWTSytzN7g...